DNA & Genealogy Online Course – CPD Certified Deal Price £12.00

DNA & Genealogy Online Course – CPD Certified Deal Price £12.00

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DNA & Genealogy Online Course – CPD Certified

Online course: Learn about your roots and the power of DNA with an accredited online DNA & Genealogy course. Modules: Taught over six detailed modules including ‘What Is DNA?’, ‘What Can DNA Tell You?’, ‘What Is Genealogy?’, ‘Family Records’, ‘Church & Public Records’, and ‘Creating Your Family Tree’. 24/7 access: Study anywhere, at any time, from any device. Perfect for: Anyone that enjoys solving puzzles with historic documents, those that want to learn more about themselves, and anyone that wants to solidify their history. Learning outcomes: Discover what DNA is and what it can tell you, how DNA is used to solve crimes, how it can trace diseases, why genealogy is important, where to look for documents, and more. Certificate: You’ll receive a certificate certified by the CPD and internationally accredited by ICOES upon successful completion of the course. | DNA & Genealogy Online Course | UK | Wowcher


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