Four Beginner Salsa Classes Deal Price £5.00

Four Beginner Salsa Classes Deal Price £5.00

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Four Beginner Salsa Classes

Beginner Salsa classes: Treat yourself to four beginner Salsa classes at Caramelo Latin Dance Academy. What to expect: You’ll receive four structured beginner Salsa lessons over the course of four-weeks, catering for dancers of all levels! Aims to: As well as learning Salsa dancing technique, you’ll work on your balance, coordination, fitness levels and fluidity of movement, and a fantastic way to improve your emotional well-being. Valid: Courses will start on the first Wed and Thu of every month and run for the following month (see more info here). Perfect for: The perfect way to meet new people, escape the hectic week, and maybe a way to discover a new passion. Caramelo Latin Dance Academy: Located in the heart of Maida Vale, just a short walk from Maida Vale tube station. Four Beginner Salsa Classes | Regional | Living Social


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