Reusable Period Underwear Deal Price £8.99

Reusable Period Underwear Deal Price £8.99

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Reusable Period Underwear

Underwear: Get your hands on some reusable pairs of period underwear. Colour options: Choose from 5 colours – black, red, blue, green or apricot. Set options: Choose from either a single pair or a set of 3 pairs. Size options: Choose from 7 UK sizes 8-20. Convenient: Keep yourself protected against your flow and leaks – suitable for heavy flows, incontinence, discharge and overnight protection! Features: Hypoallergenic, antibacterial bamboo composition, up to 4 pad/tampon equivalent capacity and easy care instructions. Reusable Period Underwear | Black | Living Social


Shop: LivingSocial UK

Brand: Blu Walk Trading Ltd T/A Supertrendinuk




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